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Global Pomeratech #1

That's right. Are you really surprised? read more

PB Blast - New Flavour!

Same great energy - now in Grape Flavour! read more

CEO Buys Boat!

Godfried Zoomfeld, President and C.E.O. of Global Pomeratech Limited, says: "This baby's a beaut!" read more

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Message from CEO

After hearing my idea for a new company tag line, my V.P. of Internal Production said to me, "Mr. Zoomfeld, we have a very talented and creative marketing staff. Why not let them do their job?"

Know what I said to him?

"You're fired!"

That's the kind of man I am. That's the kind of company we are.

Global Pomeratech Limited - We Push Your Future Button!

Mission Statement

  1. To develop and nurture high-profit products various and sundry
  2. To supply our employees with a place where they can work, free of the pleasant distractions so commonly available in this day and age
  3. To energize the nation with great taste and style
  4. To do what can be done, and to ignore those who differ
  5. To better the world by empowering everyone to rekindle the spirit of entrepeneurism in a global, digital village of diversity
  6. To know what is right, and to teach people what that is

Our Top Products

  1. PB Blast
  2. PB Blast Extreme with Ginseng
  3. Colo Blast Bran Beverage
  4. EZ Cleen Extreme Upholstery Stain Remover and Fabric Conditioner with Lysene
  5. PB Blast with Guarana and Organic Kelp Extract
  6. Spin-Rite Rotary Garburator Flange Guards